Tulsa Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Tulsa Wheelchair Platform lift

One of our Wheelchair Elevators is a very viable solution to the problem of any stairs or changes in elevation that make it impossible for those who use wheelchairs or power scooters to go through life. This can be a perfect answer for multi-level homes, schools, churches, businesses, apartments or anywhere there are multiple floors or levels. Wheelchair Platform Lifts are also referred to as Vertical Platform Lifts. They simply lift a person in a wheelchair or power scooter to the next level and back, offering full access where there is no other way.

Our lines of Wheelchair Platform Lifts are available in open or enclosed models. We have choices for interior or exterior use. These Lifts are a great way to grant access to raised entrances, decks, upper floors, basements, lowered landscape areas, stages, etc. Most models are pretty much self-contained and require little if any changes to existing structures. They take up a small amount of floor space.

The person in the wheelchair simply rolls onto the platform and touches the buttons to operate up and down. All our Wheelchair Elevator Lifts meet all ADA standards and codes. This may be just what you need to allow those who depend on mobility devices to go anywhere in your home or commercial type setting. They are professionally installed and offer independence and freedom to move about.

Call our Tulsa location to speak to your NE Oklahoma accessibility professionals. We are ready to serve you and help you find great solutions to move through life. You can also fill out our contact form on our website. We look forward to assisting you.

Wheelchair Elevator Lifts

Wheelchair elevator lifts function like elevators. They are operated with a few convenient buttons and are capable of vertically transporting the user to different heights. The user simply drives their mobility device onto the platform on the elevator lift, selects their desired height, and presses a button to get the machine moving. They are highly stable and safe to use.

Vertical Platform Lifts And Porch Lifts

These platform lifts operate similarly to the wheelchair elevator lifts. However, they are designed to be used in more heavy duty situations and can carry mobility devices of all weights and sizes. They are typically used in commercial environments. We provide a wide range of wheelchair vertical lifts

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

These are platform lifts that are suitable for commercial environments with different needs. They can easily be fitted to integrate well with different types of staircases, such as straight ones, curved ones, winding ones, and inclines and variable slope. We offer the finest selection of commercial wheelchair lifts.