Oklahoma Stairlifts

Oklahoma Stairlifts

Make all levels of your multi-level home completely accessible with one of Tri-State Medical’s amazing Stairlifts. Our professionals are committed to helping you be able to move about freely in your own Oklahoma residence. Your home is your comfort zone –your castle—and you should be able to move freely and independently from floor to floor.

We can custom fit your unique existing stairs whether they are inside or outside your home—whether they are straight, curved or multi-landing. Before you sell the home you love and have invested money and memories in to move to a single floor dwelling, check with us to see if one of our Stairlifts can help you stay in the home you love.

One of Tri-State Medical’s Stairlifts can make it possible again to move freely from one level to another. Perhaps your bedrooms are upstairs, your entry or raised deck has steps or your basement or garage is downstairs. Wherever there are steps or stairs from one elevation to the next, a stairlift can give safe easy access to those places which have become impossible or dangerous to navigate.

A Stairlift can be temporary or permanent, depending on your needs. When you do need to sell your home, the stairlift can be uninstalled if the buyer doesn’t need it. If stairs have become impossible to climb due to aging, injury, health, or recovery from surgery or treatment, a Stairlift from Tri-State Medical is the perfect solution.  Simply sit on the comfortable stylish seat and you will be lifted smoothly and safely up and down those treacherous stairs on a rail system. If your home happens to lose power in an outage—no problem. Our Stairlifts have a backup battery to power. Our factory-trained crew provides a quick and clean installation.

​We would be honored to consult with you to see if one of our innovative Stairlifts for indoor or outdoor applications will be the solution you are looking for. Contact Tri-State Medical today at our Oklahoma City or Tulsa location.  Let us help you overcome those stairs.