Accessible Affordable Shower Bay in Oklahoma

If you or your loved one with mobility issues needs an accessible way to bathe without a major bathroom remodel, check out the Shower Bay available at Tri-State Medical, with locations in Norman and Tulsa to serve all of Oklahoma. The caring staff at Tri-State Medical are dedicated to helping Oklahomans with any type of mobility issue. The Shower Bay is a great option for home bathing which adds to the quality and dignity of daily life.

Quick and Easy to Install

One person can set up the stall quickly with little or no tools. The pieces snap together to create a small shower stall that a person in a wheelchair can roll into for a refreshing shower. It can also be used by someone who can walk into the Shower Bay and sit down on a shower chair. The water line snaps onto the faucet of a nearby sink or water source. The drain is pumped into a small line that empties into the same sink or nearby drain. It takes ten minutes to put together before you are ready to shower. Save money on handymen or crews because you can snap it together.

Portable, Small and Refreshing

Since the Shower Bay takes up a small amount or room, it can be set up in a bedroom for quick access, or in an office, living area, or any ADA compliant room. The Shower Bay can make a difference in you or your loved one being able to stay in your own home. There are so many benefits of water actually washing over you as opposed to a sponge bath. It’s soothing to tired bodies and sore muscles. A Shower is much more refreshing and leaves you much cleaner. The Shower Bay provides privacy and independence so the bather can do more for themselves in a safe setting and leave the care-giver for more time for other things.

Rent or Purchase a Shower Bay

Tri-State Medical is so committed to helping Oklahomans get the accessibility products they need that you can rent or buy most of our equipment, including a Shower Bay. Whether in a wheelchair or limited in mobility, a real shower can make all the difference in how one feels. The Shower Bay, available at Tri-State Medical brings a true solution for a safe, accessible, affordable, relaxing shower to those who might not have showering as an option. Contact Tri-State Medical for more information.