Oklahoma Accessibility Rentals for Holiday Travel

Oklahoma Accessibility rentals for Holiday Season - Tristate MedicalAre you making plans for Holiday travel from your Oklahoma home? Be sure to include accessibility tools to make your travel easier and more accessible. Tri-State Medical, located in Tulsa and Norman OK, is proud to offer rentals for your Holiday travel. Whether you are traveling to another part of your town, across state or across country—there are some much needed items that will make your traveling easier and more accessible for those who are unable to walk or stand for periods of time, or for those who already use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or canes. Select your own rental period—for one day, a week, a month or as long as you need. Tri-State Medical is dedicated to helping you find solutions to access life more fully; and that definitely includes your Christmas and holiday travel plans.

Make Traveling Easier and more Accessible

Rent the following items for one day or as long as needed to make going during the holidays easier. You can use this rental period for short-term use, or you may decide it helped so much that you want to own. Here are some of the products Tri-State rents for your assistance:

  • PRIDE Mobility Scooters– Choose the model which best suits your needs. The 3-wheel Scooter has an excellent turning radius, is lightweight and easy to transport. It can be easily disassembled and transported. The 4-wheeled Scooter carries more weight and can travel on rougher terrain. Another option is their GoGo Chair which is more of a powered chair as opposed to a scooter. Users need to be able to sit and operate the controls. These battery-powered models can travel 18 miles between charging.
  • DRIVE Manual Wheelchairs- Select from the 300 lb capacity lightweight model or the 450 lb bariatric model. Both are easy to fold and transport and can be pushed by someone else or self-powered. Take a look at the RollZ, which transforms from rollator walker to wheelchair to stander. (Another versatile lightweight, easy-to-transport device)
  • Wheelchair Ramps- When traveling to a new place, you cannot always be sure of accessible ramps for your wheelchair or scooter. You may want to take a foldable ramp that can be taken with you. Let us assist you with choosing the right one for your needs.
  • Turning Knee Scooters– If you or your loved one has just had knee surgery or an injury that restricts weight-bearing, you can still travel with a DRIVE Knee Scooter. It folds up out of the way when not in use or to transport by car, van, plane or train.

Tri-State Medical is on mission to help you find accessibility solutions all year long, but their caring staff are especially glad to help you find ways to travel and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. From our Tri-State Medical staff in Norman and Tulsa OK, we want to wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas and Holiday season.


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