Oklahoma Patient Lift Systems

Sit and Toileting Sling

One of the most critical tools to have for patients with little to no mobility is a patient lift. This vital piece of equipment will prevent dangerous injuries to both patients and caregivers. We would love to help equip single residential homes as well as medical facilities in the area that care for patients who cannot move on their own. The proper patient lift can not only cut down on serious injuries but it can save time and stress for both the patient and caregiver. Routine transitions and lifting become much easier, safer and more pleasant with one of our high quality patient lifts.

Tri-State Medical specializes in accessibility products designed to make moving through life easier, and our patient lifts are a critical part of our mission. We handle the highest brands of patient lift systems which are the most respected in the field. Check out our full line of patient lifts which include overhead lifts, portable floor lifts, sling lifts, installed overhead track lifts, Sit to Stand lifts, bariatric lifts for heavier patients, hygiene lifts to aide in toileting, and a full line of therapeutic lifts to assist in standing and walking while going through therapy. We also carry a full line of accessories such as different slings, hammocks and belts.

Whether you need just one patient lift for your home or a group of lifts for your medical facility, our Oklahoma professionals have the expertise to help you choose the right lift for your particular needs. Call us at our Tulsa or Norman location or fill out our contact form. We serve all of Oklahoma! We are ready to help you!