Do your crutches get a lot of heavy weight use? Are you really active and want to stay that way?

If so then the Flexyfoot Extra is designed for you.

  • Long term resistance built in.
  • Designed for full weight bearing users.
  • Suitable for the majority of crutches.
Flexyfoot Ice

FlexyFoot Ferrule

  • ​​The uniquely designed bellows help to absorb shock
  • Flexible bellows help to keep the foot in full contact with the ground
  • Up to 50% more grip on wet or slick surfaces
  • 360° rotation of the foot piece allows more grip at every angle
  • Come with two O rings that can be fitted to the foot to provide greater shock absorbency for full weight bearing or very active users.
  • Available in four sizes, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm
  • Maximum user weight: 130KG

Ice Boot

  • Circular array of stainless steel teeth
  • Moulded and designed to dig into the snow or ice
  • Easy to remove to adapt to the weather conditions

The Cover

  • Fits over the sharp teeth to transition back indoors
  • Cover slips on quickly without removing the ferrule
  • The cover protects the floor from the sharp teeth
  • Ideally suited to short term use.
FlexyFoot Ferrule


This ferrule provides better grip on all surfaces and in all weather conditions and is easily attachable.


Modify crutch, the Flexyfoot provides the perfect flexible foot to fit any environment.

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks and canes are available for you to get more mobile outdoors.

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