Oklahoma Bath and Shower Chairs

Anyone who has any mobility challenges knows the simple task of taking a bath or shower can became a risky overwhelming chore. The proper Bath or Shower Chair can make all the difference in the world in enjoyment and safety. Our experienced Tri-State Medical professionals are honored to help find the perfect chair for your limited space and unique limitations. They love to find ways to increase the quality of life for those with medical challenges.

Safety is Top Priority

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house when it comes to falls. The risk is multiplied when you factor in a mobility limitation. Perhaps the mobility is from a traumatic injury, a progressive disease, an amputation, paralysis, recovery from surgery, or simply growing older. It is of upmost importance to provide a safe and easily accessible way to bathe. Tri-State is dedicated to helping Oklahomans find solutions that result in safe bathing access. That’s why they carry such a wide range of Bath and Shower Chairs.

Experience and Knowledge

Tri-State has been serving Oklahomans for fifteen years. They have a lot of expertise in finding the right product for your particular needs. Since 2004, they have been assisting people in finding the best possible solutions for those with mobility issues in homes, schools and businesses. Bathing is a regular occurrence for everyone. That’s why it is so vital to have the correct Bath or Shower Chair. The correct chair can take a potentially hazardous chore and make it a safe and relaxing part of life. There are enough choices that it helps to have experienced help in choosing the right one for your unique needs.

A Lot of Choices of Shower or Bath Chairs

Tri-State Medical carries a wide range of shower and bath chairs so they can fit each individual need. They offer tilt chairs which feature optional ranges of tilt, chairs with variance in leg positioning, chairs with tilting back rests that are power-driven to raise and lower into the tub, chairs with small footprints to fit in tight places, hygiene chairs with open or closed seating, chairs for larger clients and some for children.

Consult with your Tri-State Medical professional today so they can evaluate your needs and advise as to what would be the best Bath or Shower Chair for you or your loved one. Tri-State Medical has locations in Norman and Tulsa, but they cover all of Oklahoma.