Accessibility Rentals for Oklahoma Holiday Gatherings

Accessibility Rentals for Oklahoma Holiday Gatherings

Are you planning a family or company Christmas gathering in Oklahoma? Don’t forget to make it easily accessible for those with mobility challenges. Did you realize you can rent wheelchairs, power scooters, wheelchair ramps, and rollator walkers to assist your family so they don’t get left out of the festivities? Tri-State Medical has locations in Norman and Tulsa, OK which provide rentals for a day, a month or as long as you need them. Holiday parties and family gatherings are such an important part of our lives. Now you can easily provide access to those who have difficulty standing or walking for long periods of time, or for those who use mobility devices already.

Which Accessibility Products are Available for Rental?

Power Mobility Scooters Choose from 3 or 4-Wheeled PRIDE Mobility Scooters depending on the weight carried and the terrain which you will need to drive on. The 3-Wheeler is more lightweight and easier to transport. The turning radius is amazing. The 4-wheeler is required for heavier use and rougher traveling surfaces. Tri-State also offers a powered Go-Go Chair which is more of a chair than a scooter. Accessories available include storage baskets, cane/walker or oxygen holders, Bumper systems, lights, and a zippered arm bag. Users need to be able to sit and operate controls by themselves.

Wheelchairs – There are several DRIVE manual wheelchair options including lightweight (300 lb. capacity) or bariatric (450 lb. capacity) models. These manual wheelchairs are simple to fold and transport. Another rental option is the RollZ which easily transforms from a rollator walker to a wheelchair to a stander. Each of these options are great to rent for short- or long-term use.

Knee ScootersIf you or your loved one has had knee surgery or an injury that requires no weight-bearing, don’t let that keep you from joining in on holiday fun. Rent one of Tri-State Medical’s Turning Knee Scooters so you can easily move around without assistance.

Wheelchair RampsIf you are hosting a Christmas or Holiday event in your home or at a venue, provide an easy way for those guests/family who use a wheelchair, scooter, walker or cane to enjoy your gathering. Tri-State has portable ramps, foldable and even threshold ramps for rent. Perhaps you are going to an event and are not certain they will have ramps; you can rent or purchase foldable/portable ramps to take with you.

Tri-State Medical is committed to helping those with mobility challenges find solutions to the accessibility problems they face. The caring professional staff wants to assist you in enjoying your family and other holiday gatherings this season. The staff at Tri-State Medical, in Tulsa and Norman, wants to wish you, your company and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season!

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